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Stevie Wonder

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Stevie Wonder

Stevland Hardaway Judkins Morris was born on May 13, 1950 in Michigan. He was blind since he was born. ‘Stevie Wonder’ became a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He made his recording debut at age 12. His recorded his first hit single in 1963. Stevie showed an early gift for music and played many instruments, including the harmonica, piano, and drums, all of which he taught himself before the age of ten. In 1962, he released his debut album through Motown Records and Berry Gordy, Jr. Wonder studied classical piano and music composition. He worked hard to improve his musicianship and songwriting capabilities and kept producing hit songs. He was very talented and committed to his music and managed to keep his music relevant as he was growing up. In 1971, Wonder negotiated a contract with Motown that gave him almost total control over his records and greatly increased his royalty rate (money he received from sales and performances of his music).

Some of his famous compositions were Living in the City, Isn't She Lovely. I Just Called to Say I Love You, Superstition, You are the Sunshine of My Life, For Once in My Life, and many more. He received the most Grammy Awards ever given to a male artist.

Dr. Henry Panion, a music professor at UAB (and Ms. Garrett’s former teacher), helped direct and arrange music for Stevie Wonder’s orchestra. Wonder has long been recognized as a pioneer to the evolving industry of music technology. Recognizing UAB's Music Technology Program as among the finest in the country, combining excellence in traditional musical training with the latest in computer technology and innovation, he has given of his time and talents to create scholarships in his name and to The Stevie Wonder Center for Computing in the Arts at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Even though he was blind, Wonder was very talented at music and was able to teach himself music through LISTENING and practicing his music every day. If you know where the black and white keys are on the keyboard and how they are spaced, you can feel where the notes are on the keyboard. See if you can play the notes without looking at the keys!