Identify the Treble Clef Notes

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Ms. Garrett began class with a review of treble clef note identification. Then she asked her students to identify the words in the following story by naming the treble clef notes.

Tommy brought of candy to school. He was happy to share the candy with , , and Deb, his best friends. They were all the same . , another student who liked to about everything, told her friends about the of sweets. , who was supposed to helping another student review his treble clef notes, came to see if there was enough candy for all of the students. He for a piece of candy because he hadn't been since breakfast! Tommy placed the candy on the of his desk and up the number of pieces of candy from his . He was nice enough to give a piece of candy to each student in the class. agreed that the candy was much better than the that he had for breakfast! Abe with an awful look on her . 'Ugh', cried .' How can you eat cabbage for breakfast?' Abe said that he ran out of s and . Cabbage was the next best thing to upon. said that in his entire life, a , he had never heard such a thing as having for breakfast. Tommy Abe to change to a sweeter subject and they all went to the downstairs for a nice lunch. (Story Copyright 2002 by Ms. K. Garrett