Identify the Bass Clef Notes

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps by typing in the letter of the correct Bass note. Press Check when you have completed the story.
Ms. Garrett welcomed her music tech students to class. "Today we are going to study the notes in the bass clef. Fill-in-the-blanks with bass clef notes to complete the words in the story below." The LINES in the bass clef are G-B-D-F-A. The SPACES in the bass clef are A-C-E-G.

note shley and Shaniec note wanted to learn to write their own compositions usin note the computer and a keyboar. note They were so excited about it... note ut they had to learn to rea note the notes first. They wanted to make up a song with lots o note drums and bass sounds. How are we note oing to start? We can make the music soun note lower by playing the low notes on the key note oard. What are the note names? How will we remember them? Well, I know of note way to remember the notes. Just remember the saying All Cows Eat Grass. Those are the note our spaces, from the bottom of th note staff to the top. Look note t the first letter in each word .... A - C - E - G. The lines can note e remembered by saying Good Boys Do Fine Always. Look at the note irst letter in each word .... G - B - D - F - A. The fiv note lines are counted from the bottom of the staff to the top. Now I know what the notes note re!

After the girls finished their son, note they played it on the keyboard. Then they sequenced a LOT of drums to ad note to their song. When they played it back, they loved it so much that they danced aroun note the room. The only problem with that was our music la note was too small for dancing. They decided to record the music to a C note and take it home. They danced to their note omposition for the rest of the day. Music composition is a lot of fun!

Story Copyright 2003 by Ms. Garrett -