"music tech, music tech teacher, amea, alabama music educators association, in-service" "Alabama Music Educators Association Conference 2006 - Music Technology Session taught by Karen Garrett. Teachers learn how to create interactive quizzes to use in their music classes."
AMEA - Alabama Music Educators Association Conference in Tuscaloosa, AL
Music Technology Presentation by Karen Garrett on January 20, 2006
June, 2006
I have purchased several new quiz generating programs since January and have posted quizzes and information about some of the programs on this site.
Jan. 2006
Please note that I have updated the Hot Potatoes Quizzes (Version 6) for Identify the Instruments from your CD handout. Also, there are several new versions of quiz generating software from www.contentgenerator.net.
AMEA Music Technology Session:
Using Technology to Create Interactive Activities for Music Students
PDF file of this 37 KB outline
Programs and Websites Used to Create Interactive Activities:
1) Hot Potatoes - http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/hotpot/index.htm

Identify the Instruments (Multiple Choice) has been updated from the CD files. Right click and save Version 6 to your computer. It should have a .JBC extension.
Identify the Instruments - Hot Potatoes Right-click - Save File As - Version 6 File / Web Page
Piano Key Words (Multiple Choice with Pictures - these files can be found on your CD.)
Louis Armstrong (Multiple Choice with Reading Text - these files can be found on your CD.)
2) Quia.com - http://www.quia.com/
Online quiz generator and record keeping programs for teachers (PowerPoint or PDF)
Create Quizzes (Hangman and Rags to Riches)
3) Sibelius (Avid) - http://www.sibelius.com
Creating worksheets, exercises and web pages
4) ContentGenerator.net - http://www.contentgenerator.net
Quiz generator (Flash based only - Fling the Teacher, Multiple Choice are free games.)

5) Flash - http://www.adobe.com
Creating multiple choice Flash games from my template (more advanced). Please check your CD for the template file for my multiple choice quiz. (Flash is no longer being used to generate new content after 2018.)

Ms. Garrett holding AMEA award.